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As a client of Fulfillment Service Corporation you can rest assured that your fulfillment is now in expert hands.


  1. Inventory Control
    • Bar Code systems
    • Forecasting and Scheduling
    • Utilization reports
    • Full tracking of all shipments
    • Breaking down bulk shipments
    • Container loading/unloading
  1. Order Processing
    • In house order processing systems
    • In house bar code labeling
    • Custom reports if required
    • Stock rotation
    • On time reporting
    • Invoicing direct deposit into your accounts
    • In house order picking and packing
    • Shrink wrapping and hand assembly
  1. Customized Services
    • Order Processing — Pick and Pack
    • Inquiry efulfillment
    • Invoicing
    • Check scanning
    • Return / RMA processing
    • Rebate check processing
    • Parts fulfillment
    • Custom programs if required
  1. Custom Labeling
    • Retail labeling bar codes
    • Labels including all formats
    • Special labeling requirements
    • Company logo labels
    • Special shipping labels
  1. Support Programs
    • Support Services
    • Mail Support Services
    • First Class Mail
    • Standard Mail
    • Ink Jet Addressing
    • Laser Letters
    • Cass Certified
  1. Last minute Support Services
    • Printing & Photocopying
    • Collation
    • Kit/Binder Assembly
    • Hand Assembly
    • Shrink
    • Wrapping/Polybagging
    • Communication Support Services
    • Order Processing via website, email, fax, telemarketing, USPS
    • Credit Card Clearing
    • Pick & Pack Programs
    • Warehousing
    • Inquiry Fulfillment
    • Bulk Order Shipping
    • Computer Support Services
    • Data/List Analysis
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Merge/Purge
    • Custom Mailing Lists
    • Database Development
    • Warranty Card Programs

At Fulfillment Service Corporation, we believe that quality is much more than a corporate image. It begins with writing our own software and continues with hands on management. Even after passing our endless QC checks, the flawless execution of your fulfillment program is assured with our experience managing custom programs for major corporations. The promise of dependable fulfillment is more than an image at Fulfillment Service Corporation, it has been a reality for more than 30 years.

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HQ: Deer Park, Long Island, NY

Phone: (631) 586-4000
Business Hours:
Mon-Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm