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As a client of Fulfillment Service Corporation you can rest assured that your fulfillment is now in expert hands.

Order Processing

Order processing is a key element of our fulfillment process.  "Order processing" is the term generally used to describe the process or the work flow associated with the picking, packing and delivery of the packed item(s) to a shipping carrier. The specific "order fulfillment process" or the operational procedures of distribution centers are determined by many factors. Each distribution center has its own unique requirements or priorities. There is no "one size fits all" process that universally provides the most efficient operation. Some of the factors that determine the specific process flow of a distribution center are:

  • The nature of the shipped product - shipping eggs and shipping shirts can require differing fulfillment processes
  • The nature of the orders - the number of differing items and quantities of each item in orders
  • The nature of the shipping packaging - cases, totes, envelopes, pallets can create process variations
  • Shipping costs - consolidation of orders, shipping pre-sort can change processing operations
  • Availability and cost and productivity of workforce - can create trade-off decisions in automation and manual processing operations
  • Timeliness of shipment windows - when shipments need to be completed based on carriers can create processing variations
  • Availability of capital expenditure dollars - influence on manual verses automated process decisions and longer term benefits
  • Value of product shipped - the ratio of the value of the shipped product and the order fulfillment cost
  • Seasonality variations in outbound volume - amount and duration of seasonal peaks and valleys of outbound volume
  • Predictability of future volume, product and order profiles -
  • Predictability of distribution network - whether or not the network itself is going to change

At Fulfillment Service Corporation, we believe that quality is much more than a corporate image. It begins with writing our own software and continues with hands on management. Even after passing our endless QC checks, the flawless execution of your fulfillment program is assured with our experience managing custom programs for major corporations. The promise of dependable fulfillment is more than an image at Fulfillment Service Corporation, it has been a reality for more than 30 years.

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