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As a client of Fulfillment Service Corporation you can rest assured that your fulfillment is now in expert hands.

About Us

Fulfillment Service Corporation started as a marketing company calling on major corporations working to solve marketing and communications problems. As we worked with these companies, they liked our approach and asked if we could store products for them and ship out orders. We then realized that these companies would require reports to understand what and who was being ordered. The next plateau was to add printing and telemarketing. We created custom screens for different clients to lead their customers to the answers they were looking for. Again this led to more reports. At one point we were doing business with all of the major corporations in the Photo industry. We grew and our company evolved into much more, clients came to depend on us to solve their marketing and distribution problems. Our customer list is an asset we are very proud of most anyone would know just about every client on the list. We continued to grow and perform mailings and eventually emailings for our clients. We then began creating and hosting websites for clients to not only order but to retrieve results instantly by going on line. Other clients needed check rebates done so we created programs to do this and report on that activity.

People ask all the time what does Fulfillment Service Corp do? Our response is: we receive information or product and based upon our clients direction we respond with information or products. In the more recent years we have been involved in reverse logistics and lithium battery recalls and replacement programs. Some of our clients have told us that we have come up with solutions that they were not able to find anywhere else in the world. To summarize we listen to what our clients say, we create and execute programs and report to the clients. Our clients entrust us with solving their problems, and they can then focus on building and running their businesses.

At Fulfillment Service Corporation, we believe that quality is much more than a corporate image. It begins with writing our own software and continues with hands on management. Even after passing our endless QC checks, the flawless execution of your fulfillment program is assured with our experience managing custom programs for major corporations. The promise of dependable fulfillment is more than an image at Fulfillment Service Corporation, it has been a reality for more than 30 years.

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HQ: Deer Park, Long Island, NY

Phone: (631) 586-4000
Business Hours:
Mon-Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm